Monday, January 19, 2009

Creation Myth

In the very beginning there was only the land of the Gods:Paradise. The Mother Goddess and the Father God had many children.
But the older the children got, the more they argued and fought over ridiculous things. The fighting was ruining the peace in Paradise.

Finally the Mother and Father decided that it was time to teach their children a lesson, so they created a world. They created this world out of the elements of their own home. They took water from their ocean,earth from their mountains,scattered the seeds of their own plants, and separated a fragment of light from their sun to create light and warmth so the world could grow.
Then they created things that their world did not have, such as natural disasters, dangerous animals, disease,weapons,and poverty.

Last of all they created Man. When they created man they included their best qualities and their worst qualities.
The reason they created bad things on the world was to teach their children perspective.
As the children of the two immortals watched the disasters on earth they stopped fighting. They began to be horrified at the disasters and violence that befell mankind. They couldn't stand watching the humans who were victimized by the terrible deaths and tragedies. They were shocked by how greed,insanity,and anger destroyed people, how evil it made the humans.
Most of all, they couldn't stand to see good people die into nothing-ness. They plead with their parents to do something, anything that would reward the humans who lived life honorably. So the Mother and Father agreed that the good humans would not die in vain, they could come to live with them in Paradise, in beauty forever. And to punish the wrong they let die and be nothing.

The immortal children fell in love with the humans and they never fought again.

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