Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Origin Of The Medicine Pipe summary

Thunder is a powerful being to be feared by all. He is the master of destruction who enjoys stealing women.

One day a man and his wife were sitting in their home when Thunder struck them both. The man fell unconscious and when he woke his wife was not there. Even though he kept telling himself that she had just gone out to gather water or wood, deep down he knew that Thunder had taken her. Finally accepting this he went into the hills to mourn. The next day he began to ask all the animals where Thunder lived. Most of them laughed at him or did not answer.
The Wolf told him that you could not escape from Thunder and for this reason he was the only thing they feared, that no one in their right mind would try to find Thunder and that was that.

The man continued his search until he came upon the Raven chief. While the Raven chief gave him food and drink, the man told him about Thunder and his wife and how he needed to find Thunder's home, even though it was dangerous. The Raven chief, who was wise and powerful, told the man about the horrible things awaiting him at Thunder's home and then asked him if he was still sure about going. "No, I am very afraid. What person could live after enduring this?" asked the man . The Raven replied that no man could, that he himself was the only one that Thunder feared and could not kill.

So he gave the man medicine so he would not be harmed by Thunder's lightening, a raven wing to create fear in Thunder, and a shaft made of elk-horn to shoot through Thunder's lodge. However,the man began to cry, thinking that the Raven was making fun of him. Finally the Raven convinced the man that what he said was true and the man went on his way to get his wife back.

Almost immediately the man came upon Thunder's lodge. Thunder became very angry when he understood why the man had come and rose to strike the man down, but as soon as the man realized this , he pointed the raven wing at Thunder, making him falter. Again, Thunder tried to strike the man, but the man was too quick and shot the elk-horn arrow through the domain to let in light.

Thunder, frightened of this man, admit his defeat and gave the man his wife and his medicine pipe to light for prayer every spring, thus the people got their first medicine pipe.


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