Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hero Quest


Hero: founder of something new, new age, new religion, new way of life.

"A number of men wanted to marry her because she could hunt and shoot and wrestle."

Universal: Applies to all

"Atlanta's father, whatever his name was, when a daughter and not a son was born to him, was, of course, bitterly dissappointed."

Unique: Has a special characteristic that sets him/her apart.

"A she bear took charge of her, nursed her, and kept her warm and the baby grew up thus into an active, daring little girl."

Major Flaw: Special but not perfect.

"She saw the gleam through the green, she could not resist it."

Initiation: The entering of a strange world and leaving behind the familiar.

"Her arrow was the first to strike it."

Journey:Road of trials, battles, and obstacles.

"Some say she sailed the Argonauts."

"At the funeral games...Atlanta appeared among the contestants."

"She declared that she would marry whoever could beat her in a footrace."

Companions: Sidekicks, partners, and support.

"Some of the heroes resented her presence..but Maleager insisted and they finally gave in to him."

"Kind hunters found her and took her to live with them."

Supernatural Guides:Provides information, magic, weapons, or charms.

"She could outshoot,outrun,and outwrestle the men of one of the two great ages of heroism."

Ultimate Battle: Final test

"Almost at once she had caught up with him and the goal was now very near, but the third golden sphere flashed across her path."

Transformation: Hero is altered in some way in the final battle.

"The two are said to have been turned into lions."

Death/Rebirth: Out with the old; in with the new

"Her free days alone in the forest and her athletic victories were over."

Boon: Gift of renewal;reward to be shared

"Atlanta had born a son, Pathenopaeus."

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